Court throws out Dida petition against parallel presidential debates

A court has thrown out Presidential candidate Abduba Dida’s case challenging the presidential debate planned for Monday next week.

Justice John Mativo, making the ruling on Friday, said the petition against the July 10 and July 24 deliberations lacks merit.

He said at the Milimani law court that the format of the debate is not discriminative.

Debate Media lawyer Walter Amoko had said the petition talks of lack of information which does not constitute discrimination.

Amoko said the guidelines published on June 9 were not set with the aim of locking any candidate out.

In his affidavit, Dida said the guideline for participants to have at least five per cent popular support is discriminatory.

Candidates with above five per cent national support will be pooled together.

Those with below five per cent backing will take part in a separate debate on the same day.

But Dida argued that the arrangement would lock out most candidates.

The aspirant further argues that the organisers have not made public which company conducted the poll to inform the decision.

Dida’s argument was that once a candidate has been cleared by IEBC, he must be accorded equal opportunity to explain his manifesto.

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