Uber new rules ban under 18s from having accounts

Taxi-hailing company Uber has banned teenagers under the age of 18 from holding Uber accounts as it introduced tough new rules for riders and clients.

This follows complaints from clients and riders going as far back as 2016, with the latest allegations on sexual harassment leading to the firing of 20 employees as reported this year.

The new rules, published for the first time ,explain why riders can lose access to Uber.

“Those under the age of 18 can take an Uber with adult supervision, but cannot have an Uber account themselves. Parents or guardians need to accompany children at all time,” the policy states. “Going forward, if Uber finds that an unaccompanied minor is the account holder the account will be immediately deactivated. If Uber finds that the rider is under the age of 18 but the account holder is a third party that is over 18, Uber will remind the account holder of Uber’s policy and deactivate their profile after a second warning.”

These new guidelines aim to provide guidance on how drivers and riders should behave and treat each other during a trip.

A second notable rule introduced in the policy is the “no sex” rule which begs for riders and drivers to give each other space and not engage in sexual conduct.

“That includes flirting and touching from both parties. Other physical contact such as hitting or attempting to hurt a driver is also forbidden” the policy states

Other safety measures for drivers include sticking to the speed limit, not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, not texting while driving, and taking a rest when tired.

For riders, they should wear their seatbelts and not trying to cram in extra people when there aren’t enough seat belts, refrain from bringing alcohol or banned substances into the vehicle and should not ask a driver to go faster than the speed limit.

Unruly behaviour such as damaging the vehicle, using bad language, being aggressive, a racist or discriminatory can also get a rider banned from using the app.

The policy outlines allegations involving a serious offense such as violence, sexual misconduct, harassment, discrimination, or illegal activity the account of the guilty party will be deactivated and authorities will be notified.

Uber fired more than 20 employees as part of its own internal probe into a culture of sexism.

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