Wapi Baba? Bold man asks cops at Supreme Court ahead of NASA petition

Security is tight at the Supreme Court ahead of NASA’s presentation of their election petition at 3pm on Friday.

Both uniformed and plain clothes officers were seen around the court premises as sniffer dogs did their part, attracting the public’s attention.

Ahead of NASA’s presentation, supporters, leaders and lawyers will meet at Uhuru Park at 2pm.


But a supporter went to the court saying he wanted to see ‘Baba’, a word that means father, that they use to refer to Raila.

The man in a blue and black shirt said he had come from far and had not eaten for a while but that he was willing to fight opponents.

Baba ako wapi? Nimetoka mbali kuona kesi na mtu asinisimamishe (Where is Baba? I have come from far to see the progress of the case. Nobody should get in my way).”

The man also said he wanted to demonstrate support for Raila.

Officers tricked him into leaving with them, saying they would take him to where Raila was.


IEBC declared Uhuru Kenya beat Raila by 1.4 million votes but the Opposition chief disputed the figures saying there was massive rigging.

While announcing the court move on Wednesday, the ODM leader noted “the democratic promise abruptly evaporated when those who wield power clung to their old, no-holds-barred script of rejecting the people’s democratic will”.

He said: “The court can use this chance to redeem itself, or, like in 2013, it can compound the problems we face as a country.”

The Opposition had said it would not return to court considering the 2013 outcome but decided to give the Supreme Court a “second chance”.

Raila noted they will produce evidence of rigging, a claim that resulted in protests in Nairobi, Kisumu and Homa Bay counties, in areas that are Opposition strongholds.

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